The War of The Worlds Giveaway Quiz has now ended, but tickets are on sale now! Have a read below for further details on London's favourite immersive night out.

Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds – NOW in 5D!

"A MUST Do for any The War of The World Fans” - Sarah Garry, Fleet

Imagine escaping a Martian Invasion with Jeff Wayne’s iconic Musical Version of The War of The Worlds as your soundtrack.

Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is a new, completely unique multi-award winning event where live actors, virtual reality and sensational 5D effects place YOU INSIDE the action. 

Your 120 minute adventure takes you back to 1898 to experience 24 extraordinary scenes: from the sighting of the first capsule to the arrival of 300 foot Martian Fighting Machines and the evacuation of London. You’ll visit the Royal Observatory, sneak into a deserted house, escape London by boat and even fly to Mars.

  • Experience 9 tracks from the iconic double album brought to life, as if you were there.
  • Every track remastered by Jeff Wayne exclusively for The Immersive Experience
  • 100% overseen and approved by Jeff Wayne - from script, sets, and costume, to VR, lighting and sound design.
  • Martian themed cocktails in The Spirt of Man Bar and Red Weed interval Bar
  • Meet your favourite characters (yes, Ogilvy will be there!)
  • Digital cast stars Anna Marie Wayne and Carrie Hope Fletcher from JW’s TWOTW tour and West End show. 
  • Features 'Brave New World' sung by Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson (The Artilleryman, 2012 tour)
  • 5D Effects, Volumetric Holograms, VR
  • Be IN the action - not just watching
  • Multi Award-Winning including THEA award (Oscars of the Industry) 
  • Fans say “If you love the music, you'll love this”, “a MUST Do for TWOTW fans”, “You’ll  kick yourself if you miss this”.

Don’t delay, this extraordinary experience is available for a limited time only from 22 May.


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"If you’re a fan of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds then you have to visit this attraction."

- O3016LYjamess, via Tripadvisor

"This has been developed with such care and attention to fans."

- Nikki D, London

"Having grown up with Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of The Worlds I couldn’t wait for this...It blew my mind-it was so brilliant!"

- spycatcher, Brisbane, via Tripadvisor

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Read the reviews written by fans who've already been. We have over 1,000 5 star reviews* and Jeff Wayne fans give this experience the highest ratings of all!

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"If you love the'll love this. Feel the tension, live the adventure, see the Martians. Well worth the price. Do it, you'll love it"

- Dave B, Plymouth

"I grew up with the story and the music of War of The Worlds and thought I'd give the immersive experience a go...I wasn't disappointed, nor will you be. It's totally immersive, they make you feel you are actually there, right in the action! With breathtaking holograms, virtual 3D head sets, and acting out the scenes, it's one hell of a rollercoaster. A 5D experience you will NEVER forget!"

- Ian W, Romford

"You'll kick yourself if you miss this!"

- Tom, via Tripadvisor

"As huge huge fans of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds...It was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done! Had my heart racing and left me breathless with excitement would highly recommend and would love to return."

- Dawn B, St Neots