The tech behind London's favourite immersive night out

Hear Jeff Wayne talk about remastering tracks for the experience and his experience interacting with virtual reality, as well as director Jack Pirie discuss how technology is used to place the audience at the heart of the story.*

*Over the past year brand new scenes have been added and every element of the experience has been updated and improved. VR footage shown in the video is for illustration purposes only and actual VR footage may vary.

"Absolutely loved it! It was my first experience of VR and I loved it… Boat trip, hot air balloon - all utterly spectacular. The smell of sulphur stayed with me until the next day." - Kate P. via Tripadvisor


Read about what industry reviewers had to say about the technology...

'Truly exceptional, innovative and exciting. Combining heavily themed and immersive environments with live performance, film and projection, virtual reality, special effects, puppetry, simulated rides and two great bars, this experience is especially ambitious!'

- Michael Jung, Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering

'The Martians are gigantic, the sea is expansive, and there’s an unassailable sense of freedom that comes with being able to roam around wherever you like, not to mention the fact VR is still a novelty in itself. The technology’s used best in the final scene, where actions in the physical world have reactions in the virtual one, creating an even greater feeling of absorption and astonishment.'

- Louder Sound review

'At key points you’re urged to put on virtual reality headsets through which you view 3D projections all around you. This technology allows them to sweep you up in a series of spectacular journeys through the intergalactic conflict, out to sea, up in a balloon, and through the Martians HQ and the alternative underground society we humans build to escape their clutches... I found it really exhilarating, it even achieves a nifty trick whereby if you look at the real people around you they’re suddenly figures in Victorian costume.

Let me first say that a great deal of work and care has been invested in giving you a truly memorable 90 minute experience. And I thoroughly recommend it as an event that you’ll be thinking and talking about for a long time to come'

- London Box Office review