Government Calls For Evacuation Of All Major Cities

As conflicting reports of events in London continue to pour in, shocking new footage shows the invasion spreading throughout the country with no signs of an end.

The government has now called for the evacuation of all major cities and urging people to plan their escape now, before it’s too late.

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Still not sure what to expect from a Martian invasion? Watch our survivors video to hear what guests say, read this week’s guest reviews, then watch the trailer to find out more!

Hear what guests say

Watch the video below to hear what guests say about their experience.

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"I have just done the WotW IE and cannot recommend it highly enough, the entire thing was an amazing day out. If you love the music of Jeff Wayne's War of the World album then this is a show for you. From the greeting at the door, to taking part in the show and the meal and drink afterwards, all were great." - Paul H on Tripadvisor

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