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Rated 5/5 and #7 of ALL London Nightlife and the only immersive event in the top 10 on Tripadvisor.


THEA award-winning experience from Layered Reality™ who've won 8 awards so far!

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"This was by far the best immersive experience I have been to. Left feeling completely charged and wanted to do it all over again. It is pure escapism, everything has been designed so well, the actors are amazing and it really thrills all the senses. Anyone that likes the music from War of the Worlds or just enjoys an adventure will love this."

- Becky H, via Tripadvisor

"To all theatre goers, thrill seekers, War of the Worlds or Jeff Wayne's musical version fans, this is the best immersive experience anyone could ever have dreamed of. The cast are fantastic, fun and thrilling. The music, sets and special effects really drop you into the heart of the world and from the moment you step through those doors, you are truly transported to another time and place. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

- Josh, via guest reviews

"From arrival to departure it was an AMAZING experience. The actors were brilliant and the staff were so friendly. Our party of 4 loved every minute of it. Thrilling, exciting, a little scary (there was some screaming) and a lot of fun. I want to do it again!"

- Joanne, Bexley Heath, via guest reviews

#10 of ALL London nightlife on Tripadvisor

Thanks to our guests' ratings and reviews from our reopening weekend, we are now #7 of all London nightlife on Tripadvisor! Head over to our reviews page or Tripadvisor page to hear about guests' experiences.

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