Shocking Footage: Martian Machine at Tower Bridge

Above: Shocking eyewitness footage from central London


Late last night, Britain was in shock after a giant Martian Fighting Machine was seen firing its Heat Ray on Tower Bridge.

Eyewitness accounts have been circulating in the press and online for days following the arrival of a giant cylinder which crash landed in Surrey last Tuesday.

Meanwhile Professor Ogilvy, head of Horsell Common Royal Observatory, is now known to have perished by a deadly ray of Heat fired by the Martians.

Ogilvy previously claimed there was “no danger” and said  “the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one”.

Local residents witnessing the attack described hearing deafening howls which roared like thunder.

One witness said it sounded like “ULLA!” and others have even given terrifying accounts of being seized and drawn inside the savage machines.

Mytess from Hertford said “we were scared, we jumped out of our skins!” (via TripAdvisor). Ruth said “the most terrifying experience known to man” (via, while Nicola D said “I screamed when I was captured in the Martian Machine, but escaped before my blood was sucked dry." (via TripAdvisor).

New Government advice has been issued from today, it states to gather your loved ones and get to 56 Leadenhall Street in the City of London as soon as possible. It is only here that you can escape from the Martian invasion. Spaces are limited and must be pre-booked via the official website

The thousands already at Leadenhall Street have begun to share joyful messages online celebrating their survival:

"We survived the Martian invasion!!" Caroline via

"We all survived the Red Weed, will you?" Trevor via

"We were survivors!! Words cannot adequately describe how much we enjoyed this. I do hope to be back" Famallama via TripAdvisor

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Ogilvy On Horsell Common. Jeff Waynes The War Of The Worlds The Immersive Experience. Photo By Manuel Harlan 1

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