Martians Attack Westminster!


Following shocking scenes of Martian Fighting Machines opening fire on Big Ben and Westminster, a growing number of Londoners are now being forced to abandon their homes and businesses on the advice of the War Office.

After the first cylinder crashed on Horsell Common in Woking last Tuesday, a peaceful welcoming party attempted to communicate with those inside, but within minutes this group was attacked by a form of weaponry that has been named a 'Heat Ray' on account of it’s savage, unearthly invisible ray of heat.

With the Martians invading London now, join the 170,000 people who have already booked tickets and survived Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience


Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience ON NOW in the City of London. It's a completely unique multi award-winning event where live actors, virtual reality and multisensory effects place YOU INSIDE the action.

Your 1 hour 50 minute adventure takes you back to 1898 England where you'll experience escaping a Martian Invasion – all set to Jeff Wayne’s iconic Musical Version of The War of The Worlds!

Still not sure what to expect from a Martian invasion? Watch our survivors video to hear what guests say, read this week’s guest reviews, then watch the trailer to find out more!

Hear what guests say

Watch the video below to hear what guests say about their experience.

'If you're a fan of theatre, go. If you're a fan of immersion, go. If you want to get out of the house, go. Just go. Just go... Now!'

"Fabulous experience! A great mixture of live action, holograms and VR. The actors were incredible and the atmosphere and tension really built up. There were some truly brilliant scenes and the use of the music and sounds from the album are perfectly placed." - GothicFairy on Tripadvisor

"Great experience. unlike anything we have done before. For an afternoons/evenings entertainment I would thoroughly recommend it, the live actors were great and the set pieces, particularly the VR sections were spectacular. Very good value for money. Come dressed for a white knuckle ride!!" - Paul E on Tripadvisor

"I have just done the WotW IE and cannot recommend it highly enough, the entire thing was an amazing day out. If you love the music of Jeff Wayne's War of the World album then this is a show for you. From the greeting at the door, to taking part in the show and the meal and drink afterwards, all were great." - Paul H on Tripadvisor

Watch Trailer

See what this new, completely unique event is like – watch the official trailer now!

Ogilvy On Horsell Common. Jeff Waynes The War Of The Worlds The Immersive Experience. Photo By Manuel Harlan 1

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